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Our Culture

St Pancras International

The unique nature of Railpen offers our people a wide variety of interesting opportunities for innovation, thought leadership and personal development. We encourage people to challenge each other and explore unconventional ideas. We offer support and encouragement whilst giving each other the space to learn from our mistakes. We listen and take time to understand other people’s ideas and what they do, and what we need from each other to be at our best. 

We are a team that understands the role we all play and the value we create. We communicate openly and honestly, and have realistic expectations of each other. We know how to get things done, and done well. We trust and respect each other, recognising the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, and ensure the efforts and performance of everyone are recognised and rewarded. We are all really proud of what we do. 

We know that it’s the way we do things that will make us successful. Our culture and behaviours are a critical part of being world class.

We Take Ownership: We know what we are responsible for and are empowered to deliver. We have clear priorities and share a sense of personal accountability which means we trust each other to deliver their part in our collective goals. 

We Are Collaborative: We go further by acting together, sharing our ideas, expertise, ambition and energy. By being open and challenging we make better decisions.  

We Are Pioneering: We are curious and courageous, always open to new ideas and striving for better ways of doing things. We embrace innovation and act on our convictions.