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Our Pooled Funds


The Pooled Fund range is focused around multi-asset investing. Each of the Pooled Funds has a clear purpose and associated investment target; they are the building blocks that enable a wide range of investment strategies to be constructed. In this way we can accommodate the differing requirements of the wide range of Sections. Put differently, the Risk, Return and Liquidity needs of individual Sections can be managed through specific allocations to the Pooled Funds.

We show the default* Pooled Funds in the chart below, ranked according to the predictability of cash flows and the liquidity offered by the Fund.


The primary allocation for return-seeking assets is to the Growth Fund. Allocations to the Illiquid Growth Fund depend on a Section’s ability to tolerate illiquidity. For defensive assets, the default solution is to hold a mix of the Long Term Income Fund and index-linked gilts but a wider range of solutions can be used, including liability-driven investment (LDI).

* The De-risking Platform includes government bonds (conventional and index-linked) and investment grade corporate bond