We believe that companies with good corporate governance practices and engaged shareholders are more likely to achieve the superior long-term financial performance that our members need. Strong governance in the companies in which we invest ensures they will manage all of their risks and opportunities appropriately, including those related to environmental and social factors.

By actively engaging with the companies in which we invest and, where appropriate exercising our voting rights, we can have a positive influence. This helps us to enhance long-term investment returns for our beneficiaries.

UK Stewardship Code

We were a launch supporter of the UK Stewardship Code and are proud of our Tier 1 rating.

Compliance Statement October 2018


Voting Policy

We consider the right to vote to be a fundamental part of share ownership and aim to vote our global equity portfolio.

RPMI Railpen Global Voting Policy 2018-2019


Voting records

In this section you can find out more about how we have put the Codes and Policies into practice by voting our shares.


AGM statements

In this Section you can read our Annual General Meeting (AGM) statements for companies that we have engaged with.


Voting Records

We publicly disclose our global voting records via an externally hosted website. Disclosure is subject to a waiting period of three months from the end of the month in which the meeting is held. Archives of our historic UK and Japanese voting are also available.