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Chris Hitchen, CEO RPMI Railpen, contributes to PLSA Diversity campaign launch

On 1 March 2017, the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) launched a new Diversity campaign for the pensions industry. You can find out more on the campaign page of the PLSA's website.

Chris Hitchen, CEO RPMI Railpen, spoke at the campaign launch event and has also contributed to the collection of essays. If you would like to read Chris's essay you can download it using the link below.

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Chris Hitchen talks about our approach to Sustainable Ownership

One of the Trustee’s core investment beliefs relates to Sustainable Ownership. This states that companies with robust corporate governance structures and engaged shareholders are more likely to achieve superior long-term financial performance and will manage all of their risks and opportunities appropriately, including those related to environmental and social factors.

Railpen considers the impact of ESG factors, where they can have a material impact on the long-term performance of investments. In this video Chris Hitchen, our CEO, talks about our approach to Sustainable Ownership.

From costs to value-add by Ciarán Barr

Ciarán Barr discusses how asset owners can most effectively manage their costs.  This article first appeared in Issue 62 of Portfolio Institutional in December 2016.

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The Importance of Control and Flexibility in Uncertain times by Ciarán Barr

Asset owners always face uncertainty: in effect investing is an attempt to peer into the future. However, the current economic and financial environment is perhaps in the top quartile of uncertainty.

This article first appeared in Issue 59 of Portfolio Institutional in September 2016.

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The Investment Transformation Programme at the Railways Pension Scheme by Ciarán Barr

RPMI Railpen's Investment Transformation Programme (ITP) was a comprehensive review of the investment arrangements for the Railways Pension Scheme. In this article Ciarán Barr describes why the review was thought necessary and outlines the changes that it brought about. This article first appeared in MHP Communication's Reputation Matters publication in April 2015. 

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