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Our Beliefs


The Trustee has agreed ten beliefs that articulate the philosophy used in the investment process. They are supplemented by sub-beliefs and narrative owned by the Railpen Investment Board (RIB) and Railpen respectively. Taken as a whole the beliefs, sub-beliefs and narrative achieve several functions.

Firstly they influence both the Pooled Funds and Railpen’s organisational design. Secondly, they help in the selection of competing, alternative investment strategies when constructing portfolios. Thirdly, they provide guiding principles that can be used in time of market stress and when quick decisions are required. Finally, they help contribute to a shared set of aligned values across the Trustee, Railpen Investment Board (RIB) and Railpen. They act as a bridge between our mission statement and practical decision making. Academic research confirms that funds which establish and implement a well-defined investment philosophy have been shown to deliver consistently better results.

The beliefs are grouped into Scheme Beliefs and Investment Beliefs. To see the beliefs in each category click on the links on the right.